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Reversible Griddle LIMITED

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There's something very special about this place ! They go above and beyond with their customer service and my orders always come beautifully . Thank you !!
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Cast Iron Griddle

Versatile, useful, and so durable it can be expected to last for generations with proper seasoning. This cast-iron griddle has a grilling side and a flat side to prepare any meal you please. Place it on your stovetop to take advantage of the superb heat distribution of cast iron, which is free of coatings that may be damaged by your utensils. Use it over the campfire to discover how satisfying and tasty outdoor cooking can be.

The griddle measures 16 inches by 9 inches, and has a deep lip on each side to help trap straying oil, grease, and batter.

The food-safe cast-iron vessels we offer are foundry-cast from molds made in a Midwestern garage, then polished and pre-seasoned by hand. The pure iron content, with no pot metal additives, is widely preferred by chefs and superior for magickal workings and the preparation of ritual meals; European, African, and American folk traditions often call for iron as a sanctifying and protective metal.

. New cast iron is grey; over time, with use and careful seasoning, your pot will obtain a rich dark color. For any seams showing, flaking and pitting, this is natural to cast iron which are forged and cast in molds.

Enjoy the selection of implements, including a wide range of traditional potjie cauldrons and dozens of campfire-friendly kettles and pans, to suit your every culinary and religious need, outdoors and in.

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