Reversing Jumbo Taper

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Dearest folks at 13 Moons, Thank you for the lovely package I ordered from you guys. It arrived SO fast the other week i was sure it was some kind of express broom service. The tokens you left me in the package were also so kind, thank you. I can't express how much we appreciate your exceptionally well-appointed store. You have everything that's sometimes hard to find, fresh, and here in NYC some of this stuff is so outrageously. Now my circle and I are looking forward to getting to work—as you can probably tell, we have big plans and tasks ahead. But ever since your boxes arrived my apartment immediately filled up with life and and dynamic vibes. The things, living, that have manifested since have unexpected and even surreal. I can't thank you enough for the good energy you've brought—Your blessings bring warmth to my house. You'll be hearing from me again soon, I'm certain. Until then may your hearths, bodies and souls be warm, healthy, and full of light.
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Reversible 9 inch Jumbo

Action candle measures 9" tall x 1 1/2" diameter. Black on the outside, red on the inside.
Many use this candle to burn off and repel the dark forces and then to attract the good spirits.
Candle burn time is approximately 30 hours.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.
Color pigments may vary from photo.

Reversing candles, also called reversible candles, are similar in use to a double action candle. However, with this particular candle, you have red on the inner and black on the outer. This is a traditional style of a reversible candle and popular for use in your reversal of enemy work, breaking ticks, breaking hexes, repelling jinxes and uncrossing spells while bringing to you good luck and happiness.

Our ancestors traditionally lit the candle, butted it and then burned it upside down often on a mirror.

Jumbo Reversibles are popular as it is easy to carve names and symbols into the wax. When carving names and symbols on reversible candles, it is recommended to do so backwards as in 'mirror writing'.

More modern types of reverse or reversible candles are poured as stick candles, tapers, jar candles and rolled beeswax in the same manner double action candles are made; with one color on top and the other on the bottom which we also carry.
- info from Catherine Yronwode, Lucky Mojo

The type of Reversible Jumbo Candle you are purchasing is a very traditional style with red on the inside and black on the outside

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