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Road Opener Hoodoo Oil

Road Opener Hoodoo Oil

Clear Your Path of Obstacles and Open the Road To a Smooth Journey.
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Road Opener Hoodoo Oil

Don’t you hate when you are ready to go and out of nowhere life throws obstacles in your way? With Road Opener you can crush those obstacles and clear your way. Nothing can stop you now with this oil blend of "Take No Prisoners Juniper and Myrrh"!

Lay out the path before you. Clear it of obstacles and open the road to a smooth journey. The Road Opener Oil helps remove anything that is blocking you.

Road Opener Hoodoo Oil is a blend of Juniper and Myrrh.

Some general uses for this product:

  • Use in your laundry
  • Add to your floor wash
  • Put some in your shoes
  • For your altar
  • To anoint objects.
  • Put in a diffuser

10 ml dropper bottle. Blends are skin safe. Not for internal use.


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