Robe Cord

Robe Cord

By Nokomis. Long lasting, pagan crafted cords
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Robe Cord By Nokomis
Beautiful Addition to Your Ritual Wear

Let our own pagan seamstress create these fantastic accessories for you! Nokomis braids and beads each cord for your ritual wear. With these conveniently priced choices, you can get several colors to mix and match. Try a color that compliments your robe and your ritual, or a color that indicates a special holiday or date to you. Your imagination is the only limit to how you can integrate these wonderful cords into your wardrobe.

Make sure to tie your cord simply so that it can slip on and off easily. Consider adding knots to signify important milestones or degrees. Its also useful and fashionable to tie your pouch, charms, or athame with them. Each cord averages 90 inches (2.3 m) long.

Cord Colors and Correspondences:


  • Purple: the Crown Chakra, Wisdom, Spiritualism
  • Silver: Femininity, Psychic Awareness, Moon Rituals
  • Fuchsia: Harmony, Psychic Balance, Personal Insight
  • Blue: Communication, the Throat Chakra, Domestic Harmony
  • Black: Protection, Hex Breaking, Psychic Awareness
  • Gold: The Sun, Masculine Energy, Abundance and Prosperity
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