2 inch Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

2 inch Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

A stone for gentle love and guidance
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Rose Quartz Crystal Ball
with Display Stand

Bring Gentle Harmony to your space

Allow the nurturing power of rose quartz to guide you in your divination. The stone's association with self-love, positive self-affirmations, and harmony make this a perfect orb for those doing self-reflective work. Associated with the Heart Chakra, rose quartz represents a gentle love, whether that is romantic or platonic, and brings emotional balance to a space. A perfect choice for healers (and those in need of healing) and all the gentle souls out there.

Measures approximately 2 inches (50 mm) with lovely pink colors. Most are opaque, some translucent, some with stars. Each Rose Quartz crystal ball includes a display stand. Please Note: Stand may vary from photo; rose quartz which varies in shades of pink.

Rose Quartz is used for:


  • Promoting Independence and Responsibility
  • Friendship, Love & Romance
  • Nurturing, Peace & Calming
  • Positive Self-Affirmations
  • Easing Guilt and Healing Emotional Wounds
  • Balancing Emotions
  • Joy & Harmony
  • Heart Chakra
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