Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant

Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant

Wear for healing, love, erotic intimacy and more!

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Rose Quartz Double Terminated Point Pendant

Set in Sterling Silver

Beautiful Rose Quartz double terminated point pendant measure approximately 2.25 inch esfrom the top of the metal bail to the bottom of the point. Beautifully executed metal work with a stunning rose quartz point. Rose Quartz will vary in the color pink-rose. Each pendant is unique and will vary from the photos. Each includes a chain. 

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone with subtle yet high energy when using or wearing. It is a variety of quartz known for its pink coloring.

Known for:

  • Love
  • Erotic intimacy
  • Friendship
  • Self-love
  • Emotional Strength
  • Strengthens trust
  • Aids in Relaxation
  • Heart & Heart Chakra
  • Healing
  • Peace
  • Boost Sex Drive and Experience
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