Runemasters Sword Amulet

Runemasters Sword Amulet

For Protection, Banishing & Safety
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Rune Master's Sword

To the Medieval mind the Sword was a Solar and a Masculine Symbol as well as a form of the Holy Cross. Representing the "Word of God," the sword was believed to have Magical Powers to Ward Off the "Dark Powers" and give "Purification of the Spirit."

This pendant was crafted to give a powerful state of Protection & Banishing.

Two Fierce Beasts guarding a Pentacle, ancient symbol of Protection, aid in defending one against danger.

Combined with the Protective Rune Eihwaz etched into the blade, this amulet invokes a Shield of Safety through which none may penetrate.

This re-creation of Ireland's ancient Sea God, Manannan Mac Lir's, fabled blade "Freagerthach the answerer" was inspired from the Celtic myth of "Nuada the Silver Hand."....."Moving through the silence of thick fog, the small craft followed the luminous glow. As the mists parted the waning moon exposed the shadow of a man. Holding aloft the Mythical Blade Freagarthach, sword of invincibility, the figure glided over the seas crest. The light emanating from the sword's blade acted as a beacon to guide Tuatha De Danann ""the people of Dana"" to Ireland's shores."

The Prophecy has Begun.

Measures 3 inches x 1 5/8 inches. Adjustable black cord included.
Made of the highest quality, lead-free, Excelsior Pewter in the U.S. by skilled artisans for your magical wear.

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