The Runic Love Amulet

The Runic Love Amulet

Wear for True Love, Happiness, Joy, Harmony, and Passionate Love Magic
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The Runic Love Amulet
By Qry Bennett

Like the knotwork of hearts adorning the love amulet, the search for love is often complicated and torturous. The magical runic letters on the amulet remind one that "the seeds of love grow in trust."

  • Only in Perfect Trust, signified by the M rune Ehawaz
  • Can one have perfect love, the X rune, Geofu
  • Such love is balanced by passion, the C rune Ken
  • And Joy, the P rune Wynn, ensuring passionate love together with friendship and harmony.

The perfect circle of the female and the phallic cross of the male in union together are symbols on which these runes are inscribed.

This original design will bring to the bearer true love, passion, trust and happiness.

Love Amulets are traditionally worn, displayed and used during Summer Solstice Rituals and Ceremonies for decoration and symbols.

Hand-crafted from lead-free, Excelsior Pewter in the U.S. by skilled artisans.
Double-Sided Amulet accented with a bead and includes a black cord. Measures approximately 1 1/4 inches.

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