Desert Sage and Dragons Blood Smudge Stick

Purification with Dragons Blood & Desert Sage.

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I'm very pleased with this website! Every order is right and on schedule. Very high quality oils and great candles. Everything they sell is exceptional. Thank you! I've included my mini Altar that's always next to my bed. With healing crystals and the oils I purchased from this site.
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Desert Sage and Dragons Blood

Purification by smoke with Sacred Desert Sage and Dragons Blood.

Desert Sage can be considered a Yin Sage smudge and is used in all Healing, Energy, and Cleansing Work as well it is used to drive away bad spirits and/or feelings.

Dragons Blood is known to add power to other herbs and to your rituals. Known best for Purification, Consecration, Ritual Energy, Love, Protection, Power and Exorcism.

Measures approximately 9 inches in length.

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