Shadow Magick Compendium

by Raven Digitalis

Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality
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Shadow Magick Compendium
Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality
by Raven Digitalis

In the depths of the soul is an awesome power, the shadow!

Everyone has it. It lurks just behind the veil of consciousness. It's your dark side. It's the thoughts you don't want to acknowledge you have. It's what the psychologist Carl Jung called "The Shadow."

Shadow and light cannot exist independently of each other. Light results in shadow. Without shadow, you would not know there was light. To stay on only one side, light or shadow, results in imbalance, and without balance there is no true power.

The shadow we each have is neither good nor evil. It simply is. Unifying with it brings balance to your life and spiritual healing. The shadow is powerful. And you can use that power to empower your magick.

In Shadow Magick Compendium, Raven Digitalis drives magick to a new level. He dispels the myths of the shadow and uses its concepts to bring a new, more powerful paradigm to every aspect of magick. In this book you'll learn how to tap into that primal energy and literally blast your way to new levels of magickal power.

With Shadow Magick Compendium, you'll be able to stare into those parts of you that you've been avoiding, become whole, and find more inner power than ever before.

  • Learn the path of the shadow and ways of perceiving darkness
  • Discover the power of fasting as a form of self-sacrifice
  • Analyze and learn to overcome harmful behavioral cycles
  • Practice invocations and the assumption of Godforms
  • Perform shamanic soul retrieval
  • Learn new and obscure forms of divination
  • Discover the keys to making magickal sigils
  • Work with spirit animals
  • Uncover the powers of dark herbs
  • Learn to use the power in lunar and solar eclipses
  • Celebrate dark holidays such as Samhain and the Day of the Dead

The book is composed of five sections. In the first, on the Internal Shadow, you will learn how to unite with your shadow, along with purging its unwanted negative aspects. The second section, on the External Shadow, teaches you how to bring that unity, peace, and power outside of yourself and into the world. The third section discusses the Astral Shadow. Here you will learn how to manifest your newly found powers on the astral plane as you learn such things as astral projection and how to meet your spirit guides and other non-physical entities. The fourth section covers the Shadow of Nature, where you'll learn about the dark cycles of the sun and moon as well as some special herbs. Finally, the last section looks at the Shadow of Society, where you'll learn about what happens when the shadow is denied and gets out of hand, resulting in such things as the Burning Times.

If you have not been as successful in your magick as you would like or if you have been dissatisfied with your life, Shadow Magick Compendium may hold just the answers you need. Its techniques do not replace what you know: they amplify, balance, and improve them. At the same time they can heal, balance, and bring peace and power to your life.

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