Triple Moon Goddess Altar Tile 3in

Triple Moon Goddess Altar Tile 3in

Maiden, Mother and Crone Altar Tile
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Triple Moon Altar Tile

A beautiful balance of dark and light

This soapstone altar tile is an elegant addition to any altar or sacred space. Soapstone adds a beautiful earthy touch to your altar or decor. This tile has a light soapstone back with a darker triple moon symbol carved in. Drawing in a balance of dark and light, this is a great piece to bring balance to your altar.

The triple moon represents many things, including the phases of life. Honor the moon goddess and the phases of life with the charming simplicity of this tile. The tile measures approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm).

The triple moon symbol is associated with:


  • The Divine Feminine
  • Mother, Maiden, Crone
  • Fertility
  • The Moon
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