Charmed Altar Set

Charmed Altar Set

Prepared for you at 13 Moons with 13 Essential Tools
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Charmed Altar Tool Set

A charming twist on our classic altar set just for you!

We have prepared this set with 13 essential magical items for your Rituals, Celebrations and Spell Crafting. This is a lovely set for when on-the-go with all the tools you need and you wil love the strikingly, beautiful cloth that accents your silver and brass items.

Your Set Includes:


  • Triple Moon Ritual Chalice
  • Brass Cauldron
  • Highlander Athame
  • 8 inch Wooden Wand
  • Pentacle Triple Moon Altar Tile
  • Gold 4 inch Altar Candle
  • Silver 4 inch Altar Candle
  • Black 4 inch Altar Candle
  • White 4 inch Altar Candle
  • Black with Gold Pentacle Chime Holder
  • Black with Silver Pentacle Chime Holder
  • Altar Bell
  • Purple Triple Moon Altar Cloth


Please Note: No Shipment of Athame in Altar Tool Set to Australia, Brazil or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package. We will remove it before shipping to customers in Australia, Brazil or Greece.

Information on the Meaning and Uses of the Altar Tools
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Silver Plated Chalice: Dual Tone Ritual Chalice features the Triple Moon Design made exclusively for us by silver smiths. Each chalice measures approximately 5 inches. Use your ritual chalice to represent the Feminine and Water Element. Use it to hold any appropriate liquid for your Magick.

Brass Cauldron: 2x2 Brass Cauldron Incense Burner. The cauldron (in all sizes) is an important Witch's tool traditionally used for cooking and brewing! It represents the Water element, the direction of West and also the Fire element. Use for scrying, incense burning, mixing herbs, oils and brews!

Highlander Athame (knife): This Athame measures 7 inches long with a 3.5 inch blade. Each Highlander Athamed includes a sheath. You can see the beautiful Celtic metal handle with faux gem on pommel in the photos.. Athames are used in many magickal and spiritual paths. Athames are a traditional magical tool used in Wiccan, Witchcraft and Pagan ceremonies, rituals and spell crafting. Athames are associated with the element fire and commonly used to direct energy.

Wand: Handcrafted birch wood wand, made exclusively for 13 Moons for your Rituals. Each measures approximatley 8 inches, hand-turned and finished in two tones. Magick wands have been used for thousands of years and are still used today in spiritual ways: by calling upon deities to be present within a ceremony; drawing the magick circle creating your sacred space; directing energies so that the energy is released in the direction the magick wand is pointed; and for healing, to draw negative energy from the dis-eased body. The wand is usually associated with air but sometimes also with fire.

Pentacle Triple Moon Goddess Altar Tile: The ritual pentacle tile was traditionally used for protection and blessing other ritual items. Your altar tile is the focal point of strength and meditation while casting spells and other ritual and ceremonial work. Altar pentacles are usually feminine and of the element Earth.

Triple Moon Pentacle Altar Cloth: Your beautiful bold, purple cloth features Celtic art on the border and inner corners with a focal point of the Triple Moon Goddess and Pentacle. The Triple Moon represents not only the Maiden, Mother, and Crone but the sacred and powerful stages of life. You will love decorating your altar or any space in your home with this lovely made cloth. Each measures approximately 18 inches. Altar cloths were traditionally used in sacred areas as protection during ritual and ceremonies. The altar is very significant to your rituals; your central focus is at your altar. Whether Nature's ground, a tree stump, a wooden stool, the box with your set or an elaborate table, this is where you honor life, bless your tools, and work magic(k)! Altar cloths are not merely for decoration; the mundane is left behind as you spread out your altar cloth allowing the spiritual, the mystery and the magick to begin! If your altar has other daily purposes (such as if you are using your coffee table or piano stool for your altar), your altar cloth prevents your ritual tools from receiving these energies.

Candles: The black and white as well as gold and silver candles for your altar are representative of many things, such as the Gods and Goddesses, the left-hand and right-hand paths (with the Witch or Magician walking the balance between), the Yin and Yang, duality, etc.

Candle Holders: High quality black candle holders to hold your ritual candles. One features a silver pentacle and the other a gold pentacle.

Altar Bell: Your Altar Bell can be used to mark the specific points during a ritual such as beginnings, changes, end, etc. Bells are frequently associated with the sounds of the Spirits.

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