High Altar Athame

High Altar Athame

Grand altar athame a striking choice with a longer blade

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High Altar Athame

A large blade with a dramatic, powerful energy.

This large, double-edged stainless steel athame captures the earthy and primal energies of your craft. The brass toned metal, combined with the wood handle invokes the spirit of nature.

Brass-toned metal adorns the hilt to complete the earthen look. Comes with a delicately stitched leather sheath to keep this blade travel-ready.


  • Wood handle
  • Stitched leather sheath
  • Stainless Steel double-edged blade
  • Approximately 15 inches (38 cm) overall, 9 inch blade (23)

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package.

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