Crossroads Athame

Crossroads Athame

A friend at the crossroads
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Let this athame accompany you at your crossroads. Whether you honor Hecate, the Goddess of the Crossroads, or are finding your way through difficult times, having this sturdy athame at your side can't hurt. Use on your altar or in your ritual to help guide you. Particularly useful to help you focus your energy while scrying for answers.

This beautiful tapered athame has a steel blade. The grip and sheath are decorated with pewter embossed designs. And the lovely cross-guard with Celtic knots makes a great focal point. Handle is black plastic, and the whole piece measures 15.5 inches (39.4 cm) overall. For decoration, storage, or travel, it includes a black sheath with Celtic designs.


  • Steel Blade
  • Sturdy Plastic Handle
  • Black Sheath

Please Note: No Shipment to Spain, UK, Australia, Italy, France, Greece, Chile, or Brazil. Customs will remove all blades from your package.


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