Triple Goddess Athame Set

Triple Goddess Athame Set

Embrace the Power of the Triple Goddess

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Triple Goddess Ritual Athame Set

Beautiful craftsmanship of the Aeronwen, the Draco, and the Morrigan is the hallmark of these Damascus blades. A powerful athame that will heighten your practice. Because as we all know one can never have too many athames.

For generations, Damascus steel has been used in weaponry for its ability to keep a sharp edge while maintaining flexibility and strength. The watery, dark and light pattern of Damascus steel lends even more beauty to this piece making it perfect for ritual work or display. Buy this one for the spell-work; keep it for the bragging rights.

Aeronwen Athame

The deep rosewood and natural bone handle radiate vitality and harmony. The word Aeronwen is a Welsh girl’s name said to have derived alternatively from the Goddess of War, Aeron, or from the Welsh words meaning fair, blessed, and berry. The mix of natural and martial lore may be what gives this athame a balance of feminine and masculine energy. This has a particular pull for the those practicing within Celtic traditions.


  • Bone and rosewood handle
  • Intricate file work
  • Damascus steel
  • Leather sheath with handle strap and belt loop
  • Approximately 12.5 inches (31.75 cm) overall

Draco Athame:

The Draco athame has a Black Pakkawood swirl carved handle with steel and brass file work make this an enthralling piece for display or ritual. The wide, tapering blade, is perfect for the pagan aesthetic. For those who want to look the part, this athame offers undeniable drama and pageantry.


  • Brass file work spacers in the handle
  • Leather sheath with belt loop and handle strap
  • Damascus steel
  • Approximately 12 inches (31 cm) overall

Morrigan Athame:

The wide base tapering to a fine point of this athame draws in your attention and channels your energy. What makes this athame perfect homage to the Morrigan, who also represents the circle of life and death, are the swirls and patterns of the Damascus steel that mimic movement in the blade itself. The carved rosewood grip is easy on the hands and the eyes. Rounding out the beauty of this piece are the delicate file work and brass spacers inlaid into the hilt. Artistry fit for a queen.


  • Rosewood handle
  • File work spacers and
  • Damascus steel blade
  • Leather sheath with handle strap and belt loop
  • Approximately 12 inches (30.5 cm)

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame to Spain, UK, Australia, Italy, France, Greece, Chile, or Brazil. Customs will remove all blades from your package.


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