Scottish Thistle Sgian Dubh Set

Scottish Thistle Sgian Dubh Set

A can’t miss, traditional Scottish set. Beautifully carved thistle design.
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Scottish Thistle Sgian-dubh Set

Pay homage to the Celts with this traditional Scottish blade set!

Get yourself the perfect gift with this graceful Scottish set. Both are traditional Sgian-dubh blades, featuring Scottish thistle emblems throughout. The intricate designs on the pommel and guard create a stunning hilt.

Similar etchings are at the top and the bottom of the sheath, showcasing a consistency of captivating details. Both blades are single-sided and serrated. Don’t let this one pass you by. A Sgian-dubh is a single-sided blade. It was historically used for cutting up food, general day-to-day use, and even protection. Today, it is traditionally worn tucked into the top of the kilt hose.



  • Two Sgian-dubh set
  • Silver finish
  • Black scabbard
  • Scottish Thistle design
  • The smaller Sgian-dubh is 7 inches (17.8 cm)
  • The longer Sgian-dubh is 10 inches (25.4 cm)

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame to Australia, Brazil, or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package.


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