Stag Damascus Athame

Stag Damascus Athame

Beautiful metal crafting with the natural elegance of the stag.

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Stag Damascus Athame

The best of the natural and mechanical worlds!

If you’re looking for balance between the modern and traditional, then cast your circle with this daring blade. This athame combines the mechanical wonder of Damascus steel with the natural grace of a carved stag antler. The curve of the antler and the clip-point blade work together to create a flowing look and feel to this remarkable piece.

Topping the hilt are brass colored metal and inlaid wood details giving a striking focal point to this aesthetic athame. If you work with natural elements, honor the gods or goddess of the hunt, or simply want a more natural feel in your ritual, this blade is for you.

Forged by combining iron and steel, Damascus steel is used in weaponry for its ability to keep a sharp edge while maintaining flexibility and strength. Modern Damascus steel folds in the metals during welding, creating a unique pattern on each blade. The watery, dark and light pattern of Damascus steel lends even more beauty to this piece making it perfect for ritual work or display.


  • Handle carved from deer antler
  • Damascus steel
  • Includes a 6 ¾ inch sheath

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package.


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