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Simple Cauldron

Simple Cauldron

A classic choice that's perfect for small spaces and traveling

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Plain Cast Iron Cauldron

Simple, classic style from this pot

Whether you want a smaller cauldron due to aesthetic preferences or limited space, this cast iron darling will not let you down. This unassuming cauldron is a hard worker and will serve for multiple purposes. A great choice for burning incense or ritual offerings. Can also be used to hold water for ritual purposes, or even in day-to-day tasks like holding keys or gems.

This wonderful small cauldron measures 2 inches (5 cm), and is a wonderful addition to your travel altar. This is a great companion for festivals and makes a thoughtful gift to the practitioners in your life. For decoration or ritual, you can't go wrong here.

Your cauldron is great for:

  • Burning Incense
  • Holding Candles
  • For Rituals and Offerings
  • To Decorate Your Space
  • For Practical Tasks (Holding Keys and Candy)

Note: Not to be used for cooking. There may be imperfections with this cauldron (such as seams showing or sight discoloration).


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