3/4 Potjie Cauldron

3/4 Potjie Cauldron

Fire and Food Safe Cauldron
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Large Cast Iron Potjie Pot

Fire and food safe cauldron

This lovely cauldron is made in a traditional South African style. An excellent cauldron for offerings, potions, incense ,and all your spell crafting needs, the potjie is an all purpose pot. Simple lines adorn this pot giving it a nice style without overdoing it.

With its three legs and round bottom, this cauldron looks at home in most witchy decor. Holds around 93 ounces and is food safe and fire safe. Comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, an important step in keeping your cast iron healthy.

Features of your Pot:


  • Round Bottom
  • Traditional 3 Legs
  • Lid and Handle included
  • Holds 93 ounces
  • Pre-seasoned with Flaxseed Oil
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