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Joga Baby Witch Pot

Joga Baby Witch Pot

Perfect mini pot!

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Baby Witch Pot

Small and mighty, this tiny pot is perfect!

This tiny iron potjie pot has a classic cauldron shape and a two-ounce capacity that's perfect for burning incense, and for holding potions and herbs on a portable altar. The classic, rotund belly is simply adorned with a raised line. Comes with a lid stamped “JOGA” that nestles right into the wide, mouth. Made in traditional South African style, this potjie has 3 legs and rests sturdily on the ground.

Made of cast iron and measuring 2 inches by 1.75 inches (5 by 4.4 cm), this is the perfect little pot for your Samhain treats and it makes an excellent addition for a holiday gift basket. Also can be used for candle and incense burning. Don't let its small size fool you, this cauldron is ready to work! Try it for scrying, simmering sacred oils, or containing a measure of mystical incense, and you're certain to be pleased by its potbellied efficiency.


The Baby Witch Pot is:

  • Perfect for Candles
  • Great for Incense or Resin
  • Useful for Scrying
  • A Lovely Way to Display Gems
  • Shipped with Lid and Handle

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