Stylish Pentacle Chalice

Stylish Pentacle Chalice

Contemporary and classic! A perfect gift for the Modern Witch.
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Stylish Pentacle Chalice

A perfect cup for the modern witch!

Like your ritual with a little bit of panache? Then this trendy chalice is for you. Three pentacles grace the front of this cup, interconnected by swirling black lines. They create a look that is eye-catching and sophisticated at the same time.

A simple molded stem leads to an intricately carved base, adding just the right touch. Whether you’re using it as an every-day glassware or spicing up your ritual, this chalice will add the right amount of flair to your day. Measures approximately 7 inches tall, 4 inches (17.7 x 10 mc) in diameter and holds 12 ounces.

The Pentacle is associated with:


  • Protection
  • Magic
  • The Elements
  • Wiccan traditions
  • Witchcraft

Cleaning your chalice: Do not use silver paste or liquid polish as these are too harsh and will break down the silver. A silver polishing cloth is recommended.


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