Grove Wand Stand and Clear Quartz Sphere

Grove Wand Stand and Clear Quartz Sphere

Wand Stand and Sphere Set Flowing design similar to Abby's Grove Altar Bowls and many of the lovingly made flowing wand designs.

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The Grove Design Wand Stand
Original Design by Abby Willowroot

The Grove Design Wand Stand will hold any of the Magic Wands beautifully. A removable clear crystal sphere comes with each stand, and can be removed if you wish to use it or if you wish to place your own favorite small sphere or stone on the stand. Many people change the Stand Stone regularly to charge their Wand with different stone energies, depending on the kind of Spells they will be working with. For Healing Spells, a Carnelian, Aventurine or Rose Quartz might be placed in the Wand Stand, to "charge" and amplify that energy.

Measures 3 inches x 2.5 inches x 2 inches tall.

The Grove Wand Stand is Abby's signature design and looks well with any wand.
Made in the U.S. in Abby's studio of 100% Lead-Free Pewter for beauty, strength and conductivity.


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