Bayberry Wand 11 inches

Bayberry Wand 11 inches

Money, Prosperity and Good Luck
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Bayberry Wand

Quercus virginiana

This is curvy bendy wand for the true Wild Witch.

Your thin handcrafted Wand from a Bayberry Branch measures approximately 11 and 1/2 inches long. This a one of a kind wand is gathered from a fallen branch and made here at 13 Moons. This beautiful Bayberry Wand has a natural bark handle.

I gather wood from fallen branches to craft into individual wands for your ritual magic. Each wand is protected with a beeswax and natural oil finish which I lightly rub onto the wand. Bayberry is highly efficient at helping you improve your money situation. Sadly this culture puts money at a high priority but Bayberry can help you beat this. This wand knows it has been treated with care and respect. Charge it, care for it and it will help you grow the properties listed below.

Magical Properties of Bayberry:

  • Earth Element
  • Good Luck
  • Prosperity
  • Fortune
  • Money
  • Feminine
  • Yule Celebrations

If you purchase a wand bag, please select 1 inch longer than wand.

The photograph is the unique one-of-a-kind wand you will receive.

Winding and twisting with this wand for lots of cash!

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