Guardian Stag - Green Fairy Journal

Guardian Stag - Green Fairy Journal

Art Designed by Amy Brown

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Guardian Journal
Art by Amy Brown

5 x 7 inch paper-filled journal for your recipes, spell work, journal writing and sketching. Your lovely Stag & Fairy Book features The Majestic Stag, Protector of the Forest and Emperor of the Night, standing tall and strong alongside the Green Fairy who holds her twisty wood staff.

Description of the Art:

The stag's antlers, wide and tall, are balanced on his crown. The Stag's long, furry chest mane is layered nobly; more long fur covers his legs mid-way and over his hooves.

Posing in the moonlight with green illuminating the sky, shadows on the stag and the Fairy's wings and dress a feeling of enchantment inspires us. A bird sits on a branch on a small tree just beside the balanced stones. Not only do you have enchanting art to inspire your writing, you have a sense of life force, protection and harmony as you meditate upon the lovely art by Amy Brown.

Each book measures approximately 5 x 7 inches with 100 blank pages and includes a page marker.


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