Cunninghams Magical Book Set

Cunninghams Magical Book Set

By Scott Cunningham

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Magical Book Set
By Scott Cunningham

This set includes five (5) of Scott Cunningham's most popular magical books. More than twenty years after his passing, Scott Cunningham is still an iconic and highly regarded figure in the magical community. His books on wicca are considered classics, and his writings continue to inspire and inform those new to the craft.

Books in Your Collectible Set:

  • Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
  • The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews
  • Earth, Air, Fire & Water
  • Earth Power
  • Magical Herbalism

Highlights of Each Book:

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

This book has become a classic in its field. Paul Beyerl, a respected author on herbs calls it "an essential reference book by students of herbalism and magick alike, Scott's personable charm touches every page. Over 200,000 people already have this book and use it frequently. You will find the magical properties and folklore of over 400 herbs! You'll also find lists of herbs based on their magical powers, their genders, their planetary rulers, and more. Scott's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is considered a classic and is probably consulted more than any other book on this subject. 336 pages.

The Complete Book of
Incense, Oils and Brews

This compendium of magical lore is a vital tool for every magical person on any magical path, whether you are a beginner or an expert. One of the secrets of real magic is that it is controlled by the mind. The more things in your ritual to help your mind associate with your goal, the more powerful your ritual may be. This is a greatly expanded and rewritten version of The Magic of Incenses, Oils and Brews. It includes over 100 new formulas, proportions for each element of the recipes (the most requested feature from his previous book), how to substitute ingredients, and much more. Besides the formulas, it also includes the exact methods of making all of these scented tools, including how to extract the essences from the herbs. Each one of the formulas in this magic book is precise and easy to make. 288 pages

Earth, Air, Fire and Water
More Techniques of Natural Magic

This much-loved, classic guide offers more than seventy-five spells, rites, and simple rituals you can perform using the marvelous powers of the natural world. A leaf from an oak tree, a wildflower, water from a sparkling stream, dirt from a cool dark cave; these are the age-old tools of natural magic. Born of the earth, possessing inherent power, they await only our touch and intention to bring their magical qualities to life.

The four elements are powerful magical tools. Using their energies, we can transform ourselves, our lives, and our world. 240 pages

Earth Power
Techniques of Natural Magic

The ways of magic are revealed in nature. The secrets are written in meandering streams and drifting clouds, whispered by the roaring ocean and cooling breeze, echoed through caves and rocks and forests. When you draw a heart in the sand, call on the four winds for assistance, or ask the rain to wash away a bad habit, you are practicing earth magic. By working in harmony with nature, we can transform ourselves, our lives, and our world. This tried-and-true guide offers more than one hundred spells, rites, and simple rituals you can perform using the powerful energy of the earth. 192 pages

Magical Herbalism
The Secret Craft of the Wise

Natural magic utilizes the world around us for magical purposes. Herbs are one of the most important tools for natural magic, and the best introduction to this system is found in Scott Cunningham's Magical Herbalism.

This book presents a complete system of magic using herbs. You will learn the theory of magic and the tools you'll need. Then you'll get countless techniques for using herbs for magic. Need a protection method? "Pick several protective herbs and bind the stems together with red thread, then hang them up. This practice dates back to Babylonian times." You'll find a list of over 115 herbs that details their magical powers, so you can easily find which ones are protective in nature. 336 pages


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