Dreaming the Council Ways

Dreaming the Council Ways

by Ohky Simine Forest

Manifestation of the Ancient Council Ways Live & Dream Together
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Dreaming the Council Ways
True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge

by Ohky Simine Forest

With more than fifteen years' experience as an initiate in various shamanic practices, author Ohky Simine Forest offers this manifestation of the ancient Council ways as a self-governing life path leading toward understanding and collective healing. Dreaming the Council Ways is a warm invitation for us to restore our soul and spirit so we can learn how to live and dream together as a family of humans.

Dreaming the Council Ways integrates diverse matriarchal native teachings -- from Mohawk, Iroquois, and Canadian Indian, Mongolian, and Maya roots to create a modern, healing synthesis of the spiritual practices common to these disparate cultures. Forest invites us all to grasp the true universality of these symbols and traditions and to explore anew the ancient knowledge. She provides practical information about shamanism, power animals, and includes charts that offer guidance for Spiritual Warriors so you can handle both worlds.

With profound insight and clarity, Forest helps us rediscover the soil of the sacred Earth, where all races can live together, and emerge with a way of life that respects the planet. She leads us on an inner journey into the Red Lodge, which has been long-misunderstood by the Western world. She initiates us into the Underworld of power animal teachings, dreaming practices, native healing ways, and the shaman's tree of life, so we can learn the difference between real shamanism and the practices so often taught today. She explains the matriarchal path, and speaks of men and women coming together again, to live in harmony as they did in the past, with respect and care for each other. Dreaming the Council Ways is a deep call to hear the Earth awakening in each of us, as foretold by ancient prophecies. These prophecies, some exposed here for the first time, speak of the Medicine Wheel Way as an important, alternative way to recreate our world and to learn respect for the Great Earth.

"To a Rainbow Warrior, Star Brother of the Red People, who, in the most impacting Dream of my Life, has planted the seed of his pressing signal, compelling me to pull all these words together." - Ohky Simine Forest

Highlights Part I: The Sacred Quest of the True Humans

  • Power: The Red Lodge Beyond the Veils
  • Will: The Spirit Animals Behind the Soul
  • Intuition: Emergence into the Cavern of Dreams
  • Life: The Shaman Beneath the Cosmic Tree
  • Wisdom: Metamorphosis through Native Healing Ways
  • Silence: Resurgence into the Regions of Mystery
  • Imagination: Journeying into the Maze of Spirit

Hightlights Part II: The Great Vision of the True Humans

  • Unity: Connecting the World Medicine Wheels
  • Consciousness: Echoes of the Maya Cosmos
  • Discernment: Convergence of Great Cycles
  • Trust: Celebrating Men's and Women's Twinness
  • Order: Manifesting the Ancient Council Ways
  • Totality: The Renaissance of the True Humans

"A Moon in each breast was given by the Gods to the women mothers so they may feed their Dreams to the True Men and True Women. In them come the history and the memory, without them death and forgetfulness will appear. She is the Earth, our great Mother of two breasts, so men and women can learn to dream. Learning to dream, they learn to grow tall, to be dignified and they learn to fight. For this, when the True Men and the True Women say, 'We will learn to dream,' they say to others and themselves, 'We will fight.' - Ohky Simine Forest

352 pages| 6 x 9 inches | Illustrated


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