Making Magic

Making Magic

Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary

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Making Magic

By Briana Saussy

Magic of leaf and root, hearth and home, needle and thread, candle and prayer, feather and fang. Magic that weaves all that is extraordinary back into the right relationship to our everyday lives, bridging the ways that we have grown divided against ourselves and each other. Magic that heals and restores. All of what you need to make this magic resides in your brilliant, crimson, beating heart." - Briana Suassy

With Making Magic author Briana Saussy invites you to discover a practice of magic that will bring power to each moment of your life. Through easy-to-follow practices for your daily life, wisdom and stories from world traditions this guide will bring you closer to your creative force and the wild.

Published in 2019.

210 Pages


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