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Protection and Reversal Magick

Protection and Reversal Magick

by Jason Miller

A Witch's Defense Manual
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Protection & Reversal Magick
A Witch's Defense Manual
by Jason Miller

You could be the target of a spell or a curse and not even know it! Powerful, invisible spirits may be threatening your health, relationships, or job. With Protection & Reversal Magick, you can fight back and win the battle.

Psychic, magickal, and spiritual attacks happen more often than even most witches and magicians realize. The circumstances of attack vary but can include: "crossed conditions" brought on by visiting disturbed or haunted places, aggression from spirits in retribution for human actions like pollution, experimental magick gone wrong, accidental attacks by psychics, and intentional curses by witches and magicians.

All people, witches or not, are susceptible to these attacks. The difference: witches and magicians can do something about it. Now you can too.

Protection & Reversal Magick is a complete how-to manual on preventing, defending, and reversing magickal attacks of any kind. You will learn to:

  • Recognize the signs and the source of an attack
  • Set up early warning systems
  • Appease angry spirits through offerings
  • Perform daily banishings and make amulets that will prevent most attacks
  • Make magickal "decoys" to absorb attacks against you
  • Summon guardian spirits or gods for help
  • Reverse curses and other attacks back upon their sender
  • Bind, confuse, or expel a persistent enemy that will not leave you be

These techniques aren't just for wiccans, either, but for ceremonial magicians, rootdoctors, witches, and anyone else that puts magick to a practical use.

Like the cunning men and women of old, with Protection & Reversal Magick, you will be able to defend against even the strongest attacks, either for yourself or for others.


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