Thelemic Magick I

Thelemic Magick I

Edited by Mogg Morgan

An essay on Aleister Crowley and more.
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Thelemic Magick I
Edited by Mogg Morgan

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The Thelemic Symposium was cooked up by a couple of hung-over Thelemites back in 1986. It is hosted by the Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society, which is a non-sectarian magical sodality that shelters within its ranks magicians of many divest kinds. The symposium is an annual event bringing together magicians working withing the thelemic tradition on topics and themes of interest to thelemic and other left hand path magicians.

The printed talks in this volume give a useful snapshot of what these interests are. There is an essay on Aleister Crowley, the founder and inspiration to the movement. You will also find talks on the magical work that occupies the modern magician - Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, the cult of LAM, Enochia, Chaos Magick, Devotion to Babalon and the sorcery of Austin Osman Spare.


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