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Defences Against the Witches Craft

Defences Against the Witches Craft

by John Canard

Protect Yourself from Harmful Intent
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Defences Against the Witches Craft
by John Canard

Anti cursing charms from English folk magic, traditional witchcraft and grimoire traditions. Defenses Against Witchcraft.

For centuries curses, hexes and the 'evil eye' were seen as part of daily life in rural England, resulting in a rich heritage of folklore & apotropaic magickal practices. Such charms as Witch Bottles, Witch Balls, Hagstones, Horseshoes and Brasses, Magick Squares, Abracadabra, Rowan and Red Thread, Flint Arrowheads and Pebble Charms were often made from readily available natural materials. They seemed simple, yet when constructed properly and empowered with secret rhymes and other mysterious enchantments, they were both very popular and considered to be very effective.

Here English Root Magician John Canard provides insights on how to find out if you have been cursed, detecting the perpetrator through dowsing, how to destroy magickal links, nail footprints, work with Church Grims and construct the Archangel Haniel's charm. He also discusses many other protective charms, growing protection in your garden, protecting the home against negativity, as well as enlisting both Angels and the spirits of the dead for help! There are quick fixes and methods to 'return to sender' and thoughts on when cursing might actually be justified. Drawing from his own extensive research of English folk magick, the grimoire traditions, witchcraft and cunning - as well as his own experiences as one of only a small number of practicing English Root Magicians today, the author shares many unique insights and rare lore never published before. Whether your interest is out of pure curiosity, or through a genuine need for neutralising or reflecting a curse, this throroughly practical book is a unique, balanced and invaluable study of one of the darker and rarely discussed areas of magick.

About the Author : John Canard, English Root Magician having misspent most of his youth in the Cambridgeshire fens, John met the woman of his dreams, who he still believes to be only part human and moved with her to Somerset (UK) to live the wild life. They live on a small farm where John spends his time tending a menagerie of animals and growing organic produce. He has always enjoyed writing, having previously contributed essays to HEKATE: Keys to the Crossroads (2006) and Horns of Power (2008). Defences of the Witches' Craft is his first book, he is also working on a number of other projects related to traditional magick, witchcraft and root cunning.


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