Love Candles

Candles for the Specific Intent & Desire of Love, scented or unscented, and color appropriate for Love, Sex, Romance, Friendship and Rekindling, Lighting the Fire and Bringing Love Back!

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  1. 12 inch Taper Candle, Green
  2. 12 inch Taper Candle, Pink
  3. 12 inch Taper Candle, Red
  4. 6 inch Pink Household
  5. 7 inch Double Action Red/Black Stick Candle
  6. 7 inch Pink Stick Candle
  7. Chime Candle Metallic Red
    Chime Candle Metallic Red
    As low as $24.50
  8. Chime Candle Pink
    Chime Candle Pink
    As low as $0.40
  9. Chime Candle Red
    Chime Candle Red
    As low as $5.99
  10. Come to Me 7 Day Candle
  11. Couple Candle Red
  12. Couple Candle White
  13. Erotic Couple Candle Black Erotic Couple Candle Black
  14. Erotic Couple Candle Pink Erotic Couple Candle Pink
  15. Erotic Couple Candle Red Erotic Couple Candle Red
  16. Erotic Couple Candle White Erotic Couple Candle White
  17. Female Figure Candle Pink
  18. Female Figure Candle Red
  19. Forever Mine Candle
  20. Goddess Love Candle with Pendant
  21. Knob Red Candle
  22. Male Figure Candle Pink
  23. Male Figure Candle Red
  24. Pink 7 Day Candle
  25. Pink Jumbo Candle
  26. Red 7 Day Candle
  27. Red Stilettos Candle
  28. Return to Me Spell Candle
  29. Success 7 Day Candle
  30. Votive, Lavender and Ocean
  31. Votive, Myrrh
  32. Votive, Pink
  33. Votive, Red
  34. Wicca Attraction Candle with Pendant
  35. 3x6 inch Pillar, Pink
    Out of Stock
  36. 3x6 inch Pillar, Red
    Out of Stock
  37. 6 inch Red Household
    Out of Stock
  38. 7 inch Red Stick Candle
    Out of Stock
  39. Adam and Eve Hoodoo Candle
    Out of Stock
  40. Attract Mate Mini Spell
    Out of Stock
Grid List

Items 1-40 of 65

Set Descending Direction