Cat Candle

Cat Candle

Crafted for your Spiritual and Ritual Work

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Cat Candle

The decorative ritual cat candle measures approximately 5.5 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide. Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to .25 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

This is a powerful addition to your rituals and candle magic, aiding in banishing and destroying negative influences. Use for spells and rituals for love, energy and more.

Cats are believed to have nine lives and to always land on their feet, so cat candles are used to attract good luck. Choose your candle color based on the type of luck you wish to draw to you.

Black: Use for Getting rid of bothersome people, Conjuring, Protection, and Revenge.

Green: Use for Drawing Money, Spells of Nature, Prosperity, Healing and Abundance. 

Pink: Use for Affection, Romance, Friendship, Spiritual Awakening, Soul Mate, Mend Relationship.

Red: Love, Self Love, Sexual Passion, Energy, Fertility and Courage

White: Use for Uncrossing, Blessing, Cleansing, Good Luck, Meditation, and Spiritual Work.

Bastet or Bast was a most popular goddess of ancient Egypt. She was a cat-headed deity. The domestic cat was revered in ancient Egypt because of its mysterious nature and affinity for its human owners. One of the largest, most joyous and elaborate festivals was held in honor of Bastet in the city of Bubastis. It is estimated that 700,000 people attended this festival every year. Egyptologists uncovered catacombs of mummified felines in the ruins of the Temple of Bubastis. It was believed the mummies could bring messages to the gods from their owners.

Bastet was called "The Divine Mother". Her Greek counterpart was the Goddess Artemis, and Roman Goddess Diana. During the Middle Ages, the name Diana, came to mean "Queen of the Witches" and the cat became identified with witchcraft and goddess worship.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick to .25 inch; burn in appropriate candle holder.

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