Knob Red Candle

Knob Red Candle

For Love, Passion & More
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7 inch Red Seven Knob Candle

Use your 7 Knob Candle for Love, Relationships, Sex, Passion

Knob Candles aka 7 Day - Lucky 7 - Day Wish Candle & Wishing Candles
There are seven knobs in each candle for seven wishes! You may burn a knob for each wish... or a knob each day. If you have a wish or wishes, carve a brief word or symbol associated with your wish/wishes onto each knob. Anoint with oil associated with your wish and burn your candle (one knob each evening) for seven evenings.

Styles may vary from photo.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

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