Love Candles

Candles for the Specific Intent & Desire of Love, scented or unscented, and color appropriate for Love, Sex, Romance, Friendship and Rekindling, Lighting the Fire and Bringing Love Back!

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  1. Love Drawing 7 Day Candle
  2. Male Figure Candle Pink
  3. Male Figure Candle Red
  4. Pink 7 Day Candle
  5. Pink Jumbo Candle
  6. Red 7 Day Candle
  7. Red Jumbo Candle
  8. Red Stilettos Candle
  9. Return To Me Hoodoo Candle
  10. Return to Me Spell Candle
  11. Soul Mate Affirmation Candle Soul Mate Affirmation Candle
  12. Success 7 Day Candle
  13. Votive, Black Cat
  14. Votive, Dragons Blood
  15. Votive, Lavender and Ocean
  16. Votive, Myrrh
  17. Votive, Patchouli
  18. Votive, Pink
  19. Votive, Red
  20. Wicca Attraction Candle with Pendant
  21. Wishin Candle
  22. Witchs Brew Four Sister Pillar Set
  23. Witchs Brew Four Sister Votive Set
  24. 3x6 inch Pillar, Red
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  25. 7 inch Double Action Red/Black Stick Candle
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  26. Attraction Spell Candle
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  27. Binding of Two Hearts Spell Candle
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  28. Love Spell Candle
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  29. Tea Light, Red
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    Tea Light, Red
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Grid List

Items 41-69 of 69

Set Descending Direction