Spell Candles

Blessed Candles for Your Rituals and Magical Desires, there are simple Chime Candle Spell Candles, Candles with Pendants, Candles with Aroma, Herbs and Stones as well as the whimsical flare of Wicked Witch Mojo!


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  1. Absorb Negativity Spell Candle
  2. Abundance Crystal Candle with Pendant
  3. Abundance Mini Spell
  4. Adam and Eve Hoodoo Candle
  5. Angel Affirmation Candle Angel Affirmation Candle
  6. Astral Travel Spell Candle
  7. Attract Mate Mini Spell
  8. Banish Evil Spirits Spell Candle
  9. Banish My Enemy Mini Spell
  10. Banishing Spell Candle
  11. Bast Protect Cat Mini Spell
  12. Beltane Spell Candle
  13. Bitch Be Gone Candle
  14. Black Cat Hoodoo Candle
  15. Blessed Herbal Attraction Love Candle
  16. Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance Candle
  17. Blessed Herbal Energy and Will Candle
  18. Blessed Herbal Happiness Candle
  19. Blessed Herbal Happy Home Candle
  20. Blessed Herbal Healing Candle
  21. Blessed Herbal Heart Candle
  22. Blessed Herbal Inner Balance Candle
  23. Blessed Herbal Loves Enchantment Candle
  24. Blessed Herbal Money Draw Candle
  25. Blessed Herbal Needed Changes - Banishing Candle
  26. Blessed Herbal Problem Solving Candle
  27. Blessed Herbal Prosperity Candle
  28. Blessed Herbal Protection Candle
  29. Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing Candle
  30. Blessed Herbal Stability Candle
  31. Blessing Spell Candle
  32. Bliss Crystal Candle with Pendant
  33. Break Up Mini Spell
  34. Brigid Mini Spell
  35. Calming Crystal Candle with Pendant
  36. Celestial Celtic Moon Candle with Pendant
  37. Celestial Dragon Moon Candle with Pendant Celestial Dragon Moon Candle with Pendant
  38. Celestial Howling Moon Candle with Pendant
  39. Celestial Pentacle Moon Candle with Pendant
  40. Celestial Star Fairy Candle with Pendant
Grid List

Items 1-40 of 168

Set Descending Direction