Glass Bobeche Antiqued With Gold Rim

Glass Bobeche Antiqued With Gold Rim

Elegant and practical for candle burning.
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Glass Bobeche with Gold Rim


For an elegant candle display use a bobeche. Glass Bobeche will keep the melted wax from dripping onto tables, holders and cloths. Bobeches will aid you in quick and easy cleanup if there is any wax dripped. They are simple to use, economical and practical as they catch any candle wax drip and keeping your holders and tables looking great. Simply slide the glass down the taper candle to the top of your candle holder.

Antiqued Glass Bobeche With Gold Rim measures approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter, for candles 7/8 inch in diameter.

This is for 1 glass bobeche (candle holder and candle sold separately).


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