Book of Azathoth

Book of Azathoth

Sustenance & Meaning to the Tarot as well as Nemo's Azathoth Tarot

First Edition of 2000 Copies

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The Book of Azathoth
by Nemo

The Book of Azathoth provides an outline of the various traditional Qabalistic, Astrological, Planetary and Elemental schemata associated with the Tarot as it relates to Nemo's deck (Azathoth Tarot); providing the framework, or skeleton if you will, that underlies the Azathoth Tarot and gives sustenance to its interpretation and meaning.

The text is enhanced by various explanatory figures and tables, as well as images of each card, and includes additional artwork depicting the major Denizens inhabiting Lovecraft's Pantheon.

Azathoth is a deity from the Cthulhu pantheon invented by H.P. Lovecraft in his fiction of works.

First Edition of 2000 copies | Hardcover | 216 Pages

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