3 inch Green Crystal Ball

3 inch Green Crystal Ball

For Divination relating to luck, prosperity, and abundance
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Green Crystal with Quartz Sphere 
with Display Stand

Unique Divination Tool

This beautiful green gazing stone brings luck and prosperity to your space. Associated with the heart chakra, green represents emotional openness as well as fertility. and abundance This is a great stone for Green Witches! Also a good choice for anyone who needs a little luck.

Royal Green Crystal Ball measures approximately 3.14 inches (80 mm). Green Crystal Sphere contains 10% Quartz. Each sphere has low impurities, distortions, inclusions and bubbles with high clarity, very hard as well as scratch resistant. There is no lead used in the process of making them. Each sphere includes a sphere stand and gift box. Please Note: Stand may vary from photo. Caution: Do NOT leave in direct sunlight. The magnifying effect of these spheres is strong, and can catch items aflame much like a magnifying glass.

Green is associated with:


  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Luck
  • Fertility
  • The Heart Chakra
  • The Element of Earth
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