2.75 inch Red Crystal Ball

2.75 inch Red Crystal Ball

Unlock the passion and power of red!
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Ruby Red Crystal Ball
with Display Stand

Go ahead, Play with Fire!

Let this remarkable red orb bring energy and vitality to your space. Associates with the Root Chakra as well as passion and courage, this gazing orb makes a powerful ally to any magical endeavor. Red is a particularly potent color for those who honor Ares, Lilith, or Thor. Whether you're using it for Feng Shui, a specific magical correspondence, or for decoration, this sensual stone won't let you down!

Measures approximately 2.75 inches (75 mm). Craftsmen hand carve a beautiful round sphere with low inclusions or imperfections; they weigh approximately 15 percent less than full leaded crystal having a lead content of only 10 percent. They are very clear and virtually free of bubbles or distortion. Minor imperfections are normal and add to the character of your crystal. Each includes a display stand. Please Note: Stand may vary from the photo.

Red is associated with:


  • Power and Courage
  • Sexuality and Love
  • Passion
  • Masculine Energy
  • Vitality
  • Assertiveness
  • The Root Chakra

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