Celtic Triquetra Soapstone Bowl 4 inch

Celtic Triquetra Soapstone Bowl 4 inch

This charmingly simple bowl can be used for offerings and in scrying
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Triquetra Charcoal Soapstone Bowl or Cauldron

A striking yet simple design for your space

This lovely soapstone bowl has a triquetra symbol carved in the center. One of our smaller bowls, this one can be used as an offering bowl, for scrying, and as a mini-cauldron. This mutli-purpose tool is perfect for those with limited space. Black is associated with protection from negative energy making this piece a very useful addition to your space.

Triquetra knots are common magical symbols representing the cycles of life. They are also associated with the Celtic belief in the power of the number three in our lives. Handmade in India and measures 4 inches (10 cm) wide by 2.25 (5.7 cm) tall.

Triquetras are associated with:

  • Earth, Sea, Sky
  • Life, Death, Rebirth
  • Magic
  • The triple moon



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