Green Man Altar Cloth

Green Man Altar Cloth

God of the Forests, Earth and Groves Great Price - Beautiful Gift!
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Green Man Altar Cloth

Wonderful piece as a gift or for show

Whether you use it to create a scared space or as a gift for festivals or ceremonies, you're sure to get rave reviews about this cloth. A delightful Green Man is the centerpiece of this dusty green cloth. Celtic knots in each corner help draw energy inward. A beautiful leafy border surrounds the cloth.

With roots in cultures around the world, the Green Man is truly an enigmatic figure. Often representing the rites of spring and the natural world, this piece will help you invoke natural deities. A charming piece no matter how you use it. Cloth measures 36 inches (90 cm) and is crafted of silky rayon fabric.

The Green Man is associated with:

  • The Element of Earth
  • Natural Deities
  • Cycles of Growth
  • Forests
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