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Spread Cloths

Quality Handmade on Turtle Island and Imported Tarot Cloths and Spread Cloths for your Divination Tools. We offer a variety of colors and designs for tarot reading cloths and casting cloths.

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  1. Altar Cloth with Trim 24x24
  2. Black Cloth, Bag Set Black Cloth, Bag Set
  3. Blue Altar Cloth 36x36
    Blue Altar Cloth 36x36
    Special Price $10.99 Regular Price $14.99
  4. Blue Cloth, Bag Set
  5. Celtic Altar Cloth
  6. Celtic Altar Cloth - SALE
    Celtic Altar Cloth - SALE
    Special Price $3.25 Regular Price $4.95
  7. Celtic Cloth, Bag and Purse Set
  8. Celtic Pentacle Altar Cloth Silver, Gold and Black
  9. Celtic Triquetra Altar Cloth 36x36
  10. Green Cloth, Bag Set Green Cloth, Bag Set
  11. Green Man Altar Cloth
  12. Ouija Board Altar Cloth
    Ouija Board Altar Cloth
    Special Price $13.99 Regular Price $18.95
  13. Pentacle Altar Cloth 18 inch
  14. Pentacle Spiral Goddess Altar Cloth
  15. Purple Cloth, Bag Set Purple Cloth, Bag Set
  16. Red Altar Cloth
  17. Red Cloth, Bag Set Red Cloth, Bag Set
  18. Triple Moon Altar Cloth Purple
  19. Triple Moon Pentacle Altar Cloth
  20. White Altar Cloth 24x24
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 22

Set Descending Direction