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Ouija Board Altar Cloth

Ouija Board Altar Cloth

Excellent tool for divination


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Ouija Board Altar Cloth

Take your divination to the next level

Communicate with the spirits around you with this brilliant design. Use this piece as an altar cloth or a divination tool. Hover your pendulum over the surface or otherwise use it as a base for tarot, runes, or other rituals.

Gold lettering and designs on a black background make an eye-catching design. Traditional pagan symbols of the sun, moon, pentacle, and triquetra. Easy to roll up for travel, measures approximately 24 x 30 inches (60 x 76 cm).

Ouija board are associated with:

  • Divination
  • Communication with the spirit realm
  • Magic

Please Note: Imperfections (e.g., dye runs, thread runs) and size variations may be found. Color may vary slightly from image shown, image may be slightly off center. Refunds are available for non-manufacturing or substantial defects only.


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