Goddess Wheel of the Year Altar Cloth

Goddess Wheel of the Year Altar Cloth

Beautiful Design with Ancient Symbols
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Spiral Goddess & Wheel of the Year

Beautifully designed new product

Whether you're using this as an altar cloth or for divination, you'll have a striking addition to your space. The symbol-rich design is silk screened onto the velveteen cotton cloth. Featuring the spiral moon goddess in the center, surrounded by the eight phases of the moon, this cloth is perfect for those who want to honor life's ever changing cycles.

Marking the major pagan holidays, the wheel of the year featured here reminds us to take time to celebrate life's blessings. Celtic treskelion knots, symbolizing the inevitability of change and the magic of the number three, rest in the four corners of this piece.

The spiral goddess represents:

  • Drawing Down the Moon
  • The phases of life
  • Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Fertility

Measures approximately 19.29 inches (49cm) square.

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