Silver Luzy Pendulum

Silver Luzy Pendulum

This is a lovely, economical pendulum in a high polish silver tone finish.
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Luzy Pendulum in Silver Finish
Great for scrying outside!

Made from Silver Finish Electroplated Brass, this beautiful pendulum brings the sun energy of brass tempered by the moon energy of silver. A perfect pendant for working out doors with wind or salt, this is a sturdy pendulum and easy to take on the go. A wonderful choice for many types of divination, this pendant will work well and look good doing it!

Pendulum measures approximately 1.2 inch (3 cm) with 7 inch (17.8 cm) stainless steel curb chain. Before beginning work with your pendulum, we strongly suggest smudging and cleansing it followed with an anointment and blessing. As with all energy work, be specific and precise when asking a question. Choose which direction will be for a yes/positive answer and which direction for no/negative answer. Hold between your forefinger and thumb, balancing out the energy by extending and fraying out your other three fingers.

Pendulums have traditionally been used to:

  • Scry for answers
  • Seek Guidance and Direction
  • Ask About Pregnancy
  • Hypnotism
  • Find Lost Items
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