Rose Quartz Bearing Balanced Pendulum

Rose Quartz Bearing Balanced Pendulum

Bearing-Balanced™ for accurate divination

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Rose Quartz Faceted Pendulum
Bearing-Balanced™ for Sensitive Readings

Beautiful Gold Bearing Balanced™ Brazilian Rose Quartz pendulum with brass vibration-free bead chain and gold fittings. Rose quartz is a popular and charming stone associated with gentleness and love. It is a beautiful stone for those going through trouble or trying to reconnect with themselves. And exceptional choice for anyone learning to practice self-compassion, Rose Quartz is also associated with romantic love and friendship. Open the Heart Chakra and heal with this useful divining tool.

Each is Bearing Balanced which means the pendulum chain rotates and swivels on a bearing that is inserted into the top cap (chamber cover). This results in a balanced swing that keeps the pendulum point, or bob, always aligned with the chain while swinging . This movement provides an instant and sensitive response. This alignment is excellent when using charts as it always pointing in harmony with the arc of the swinging pendulum. Pendulum measures approximately 1.875 inches (4.7 cm) long and weighs approximately 21 grams.  Please allow for slight variations, no two gemstones are exactly alike.

Rose Quartz is associated with:

  • Promoting Independence and Responsibility
  • Remembering Dreams
  • Gentle Love
  • Unconditional Love
  • The Heart Chakra
  • Romance
  • Friendship
  • Peace
  • Calming and Soothing
  • Positive Self-Affirmations
  • Self-Love
  • Easing Guilt
  • Nurturing and Self-Care
  • Healing Emotional Wounds
  • Balancing Emotions
  • Beauty
  • Joy
  • Harmony
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