Crystal Rune Set with Bag

Crystal Rune Set with Bag

Healing Stones for your divination!
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Crystal Quartz Runes

Stunning set by Lo Scarabeo

This unique set stands out with its beautiful crystal gems. The healing energy of these stones make them a delightful choice to work with many types of divination and meditation, and even Reiki. A great set for anyone, but a perfect aesthetic for the Winter Witch!

Tap into ancient magic with this beautifully crafted set. The traditional Futhark Runes include 25 Stones; 24 individually engraved and hand-painted plus one blank rune. Set includes instruction booklet. Also comes with bag for storage, protection, and travel.

Crystal Quartz is associated with:


  • Transmitting Energy
  • Transducing Thoughts
  • Amplifying Energy
  • Raising Intentions
  • Focusing Energy
  • Cleansing Spaces
  • Healing Stone
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