Cedar, Elder, Oak Rune Set

Cedar, Elder, Oak Rune Set

Wonderful trinity of wood brings balance and power to your divination
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Cedar, Elder, & Oak Rune Set

A Cross-Cultural and Powerful Combination

Handcrafted by one who has studied divination for over 20 years, this set is steeped in power and tradition. A custom made set of mixed woods combines here to create a powerful divination tool.  Cedar, Elder, & Oak woods featuring the Elder Futhark give you a rune set that pulls on multiple energies to optimize your focus. Each wood brings with it special magical correspondences. Cedar represents protection, purification, and magic from North American Indigenous traditions. Elder, the sacred Celtic wood, draws in Fairie magic, banishes negatives, and enhances creativity. Oak, also sacred to the Celtics and Druids, represents Masculine energy healing, and truth. With their powers combined, this is a impressive set.

Your set contains 25 tiles (including the blank) and a drawstring bag. Bag color may vary from the photo. Runes will vary slight, as each set is made individually. These runes will last for years to come. Divination is exceptional with handmade products. Each Elder Futhark Runes Set is cut from wind blown or damaged trees with permission. Runes are cut from the same branch in order to assure continuity with the tree spirit. These runes are wood burned by hand into the wood not stamped, and only natural stains (linseed oil) are used to cure the rune, no varnishes or unnatural substances.

These Woods represent:


  • Cedar:
  • Masculine Energy
  • Longevity
  • Purification
  • Banishing Evil
  • Protection
  • creating a Sacred Space
  • Elder:
  • Exorcism
  • Healing and Protection
  • Banishing
  • Prosperity
  • Creativity
  • Fairie Magic
  • Oak:
  • Truth
  • Healing and Protection
  • Strength and Success
  • Fertility and Potency
  • Intuition

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