Walnut, Willow, Oak Rune Set

Walnut, Willow, Oak Rune Set

Finely Crafted for your Divination.

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Walnut, Willow & Oak Rune Set

A unique mixed set of woods creates your Rune Set. Walnut, Willow and Oak woods are used in this set which features the Elder Futhark. Your set contains 25 tiles (including the blank) and a drawstring bag. Bag color may vary from the photo as well as the rune set as each set is made individually.

This is a Elder Futhark Runes Set that will last for years to come, made with that in mind over the mass produced world of products with low or no magical aspects.

Each Elder Futhark Runes Set is cut from wind blown or damaged trees with permission. Elder Futhark Runes are cut from the same branch in order to assure continuity with the tree spirit.


  • 25 Runes
  • Only natural stains (linseed oil) is used to cure the rune, no varnishes or unnatural substances.
  • Futhark runes are wood burned by hand into the wood not stamped.
  • This elder futhark rune set is hand crafted by "one who walks the pagan path" and has studied divination for 20+years
  • Handcrafted for your Divination
  • Includes Lined Drawstring Bag


Walnut has both Feminine and Masculine energies and are known for Earth, Spirit, Weather Spells, Astral Travel, Motivation, Increasing Mental Abilities, Improving Health and Helping Wishes Come True.

Willow, one of the sacred Celtic Trees, is a Feminine Energy known for Love, Divination, Third Eye, Protection, Healing, Strength, Cycles of Life, Magick.

Oak, one of the sacred Celtic Trees, is a Masculine Energy known for Truth, Success, Prosperity, Sacred to Druids, Healing, Protection, Centering, Money, Strength, Countering Spells, Intuition, Potency, Powers, Fertility and Good Luck.
Oak is a powerful and sacred wood to the Druids.


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