Enchanted Spellboard by Zerner and Farber

Using this beautiful, easy-to-use "talking board" technique will strengthen your intuition.
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I received my order today and I was so excited to see my things I bought. It felt like my birthday when I opened my beautifully packed wooden box and I saw my candles, oil and other items I had ordered. It was very special to see the thoughtfully hand signed shipment list with a little charm attached. It made all the difference to me knowing that my order really mattered and 13 Moons wanted me to enjoy my order. I'm so happy with the quality of my new magickal additions that I just had to share how grateful I am. My alter will be extra beautiful now. Thank you and I am excited to order again!
Jamie Swate
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The Enchanted Spellboardby Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Get instant answers to all of your important questions about the past, present, and future! THE ENCHANTED SPELLBOARD will help you connect with your ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, and inner wisdom, and receive perceptive and intriguing messages from the great beyond.

THE ENCHANTED SPELLBOARD can be consulted alone or with a partner. Either way, it is a complete fortune-telling system for exploration, reflection, and inspiration. Using this beautiful, easy-to-use interpretation of the ancient spiritual "talking board" technique will strengthen your intuition, help you conquer your fears, and deepen you understanding of our enchanted world.

The answers you receive can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Just place your fingertips on the Magical Message Indicatorᆴ and ask a question. You will feel a slight tingling or a "magnetic" sensation moving the indicator around the board and bringing it to rest on one or more of the illustrated symbols: a grotto of sacred trees, a circle of dancing enchantresses, the wheel of power words, zodiac signs, colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet, as well as healing gemstones and the four directions to help you find your way.

Communicating with spiritual forces of the unseen world, whether one's higher self or those who have passed on, brings fascinating insights and information that will change one's life for the better.

Contains: 18" X 18" folding board printed in full color, a specially designed and engraved Magical Message Indicator, and 30-page instruction book.

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